Our Values
3TEC will always be honest and forthright and demonstrate a firm commitment to our principles.  We will not compromise our ethics.
Our values are simple and we strive to meet them each hour of every day.  
These are the core values that serve as the foundation for our corporate mission.
Our Mission Statement
Develop, nurture and establish long term, mutually beneficial client relationships.
Provide the highest quality services and solutions available.
Provide long-term, career employment opportunities to dedicated, loyal, highly skilled individuals.
Commit to a structured on-going training and education program for all employees.
Be fiscally strong and profitable.
To demonstrate a commitment to integrity, quality workmanship, technology and customer service at every opportunity.
Always be honest, forthright, and professional in all of our endeavors.
Our Philosophy
3TEC will be ever-ready to meet the needs of our customers and our people. We will meet deadlines on time, every time.
3TEC will listen to our people, our industry, our peers and our customers to be innovative while building upon our strong foundation.
3TEC will create an environment that allows our people to flourish. We promote a positive, respectful and fun place to succeed.
3TEC will enthusiastically embrace new ideas and new technology to best meet the requirements of our customers and our people

Our Commitments
3TEC will devote the necessary resources and time to excel on every level. We will always strive to exceed customer expectations.
Commitment To You
Our most important commitment is to you. We want to be your cabling supplier and we’ll do everything in our power to make that happen
Commitment to Quality
We accept only the highest quality from our staff, suppliers, and Manufacturers. We pride ourselves on demonstrating our unique expertise at each opportunity.
3TEC work is always guaranteed.
Industry Commitment

Partnering with world class manufacturers to offer proven, effective, and innovative solutions.
We take our responsibility to keep abreast of all changes in the industry seriously and take a leadership role wherever we can.
We have on staff professionals who, through experience have demonstrated superior knowledge of low voltage distribution systems.
Commitment To Service

3TEC works hard to be responsive to your needs and are committed to providing fast response times, quick resolutions, and factory trained technicians.
We’ll work off-standard hours to preserve your productivity and are dedicated to delivering unsurpassed service.
Commitment To Employees
3TEC is committed to providing a safe and positive work environment for our employees. We provide training through our manufacturers and local safety organizations. 
Regular meetings are set out where they have an opportunity to contribute.